Editorial of Mining and Business Magazine N°17


State of emergency

Our number 17 will try to take stock of the latest Invest African mining indaba and two fundamental changes that have been widely discussed in Cape Town: the mining code of the DRC and the Gécamines reforms.

The stakes are enormous, and the battles surrounding this code have seriously enriched international consulting firms and lobbyists of all kinds. By giving the floor to various speakers, we hope to help you better understand some of the issues.

Beyond partisan interests, let us put things into context: Cobalt seems to be the black gold of tomorrow for the next 20 years. DRC has 60% of the world’s reserves and 40% of production.

Congo’s total budget represents NYC police expenses! The announcements made by the president of Gécamines may seem brutal, but who would question the right of Norway or Qatar to better control the dividends of its oil to develop?

Beyond the figures, some streets in the Gombe are no longer suitable for motoring or worse, thousands of children have an indigent education and still too often die from mild malaria. So there is an emergency!

Of course, this new code is far from perfect. But the primary issue of underdevelopment should force the parties to agree by setting aside the private interests to finally make this country take off for the advent of the “New Congolese Man” to which the head of state spoke recently.

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