Lisbon, the city of the seven hills


Lisbon is the city of seven hills, filled with mysteries, secrets and a thousand things to discover and reveal. Since the Middle Ages, it has been an area of exceptional preference for the development and application of ideas of kings who were also alchemists, ministers who were Freemasons, occultist poets, followers of alchemists and the secret knowledge of the Knights Templar (refugees in Portugal following the prohibition of the Order in the 14th century).

17 is the figure of the biorhythm of Portugal, the shield of the country is tilted by 17° on the facade of the bus station of Rossio. In the Bairro Alto, you can visit the palace where Mozart’s “enchanted flute” was played for the first time in Portugal. The idea of the Fifth Portuguese Empire can be guessed through the geographical landmarks and the monuments of the city. Visit the “Magic Garden” of Bordalo Pinheiro. Enter the monumental convent of the Hieronymites and enjoy a visit organised according to Hebrew Kabalistic principles. Visit the National Museum of Ancient Arts and see the central masterpiece of Portuguese painting, the polyptica of Nuno Gonçalves. Go to the church of São Roque to experience the tombs of the Sebastianists and the place where Father António Vieira preached, or go to the Se of Lisbon, site of so many mysteries and centre of intense devotion.

Alfama, Madragoa, Bairro Alto and all the other typical areas of the city also have excellent restaurants and other places of diversion. The fado, intangible heritage of humanity, the unique dishes, the sympathy and the attention of the inhabitants will make the visitor fall in love with this singular city where people know how to receive and please.
Lisbon is the Tejo; it has hospitable people, a city that knows how to receive and welcome people living there or visiting. Whoever does not visit Lisbon cannot know the World: it is an old cosmopolitan city and a mirror of it.
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