Kris Jedrzejczyk, founder of Blu Rock


Polish-born Kris Jedrzejczyk, founder of Blu Rock, attended the DRC Mining Week. Blu Rock Mining Services Ltd was established in March, 2007 with its head office in Kitwe. Blu Rock provides drilling services for underground and surface diamond drilling, reverse circulation?, and other mining services.
Mining & Business: You have worked in Zambia’s mining sector for 27 years, mostly in drilling, shaft sinking, blast holes and construction. Why have you come over from Kitwe to attend the DRC Mining Week?

Kris Jedrzejczyk: I learned about the DRC Mining Week through your magazine which was distributed during the Indaba meeting in Cape Town. I am convinced of the DRC’s growth potential in exploration and production. I came to assess the general atmosphere in the DRC mining sector and to meet potential clients and suppliers.

M & B: What did you particularly like? The conferences or the stands?

KJ: The conferences. The topics allowed me to get an idea of the current situation of the mining companies, the government, the power supply, etc. I am happy to hear that the DRC is now Africa’s number one copper producer and the world’s number one for cobalt. This is a huge achievement and provides new business opportunities.

M & B: Did you discover new opportunities for your company?

KJ: Yes. There are opportunities for future cooperation. We have made ourselves known on the DRC market and can now compete with other companies and, for example, be included in tender lists.

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