Joel Mayimbi

Joel Mayimbi, The Congolese “cyber hero”


Joel Mayimbi is CEO and Founder of FirstTech, a Chinese company specializing in Cyber ​​Security and IT Solutions

He is not thirty and would be, according to some, the Congolese Steve Jobs. Joel Mayimbi is a CEO and founder of FirstTech, a Kino-based company specializing in cyber security and IT Solutions. Bachelored in computer science in 2014 of the prestigious “Bangalore Computer Science University”, he holds a full bag of certifications in cybersecurity, including the CCIE CISCO system. 

M & B: where do your passion for cyber security comes from ?

Joel Mayimbi: As a child, I loved Lucky Luke ! The far west lonesome cowboy who wins every time!

M & B: So what?

JM: Well I think I’m a Lucky Luke of modern times. My far west is the cyber world, the hackers are the Daltons, and my colts: my computer !

M & B: But still?

J.M: In the DRC, very few companies have truly understood that cybersecurity is their Achilles heel. Nowadays they are pretty much spared of cyber attacks, but for a short time yet. Banks, industrial companies, airlines, etc., will soon be targeted and must be prepared. So is their sustainability.

M & B: You are returning from the USA, what do you get from it?

J.M.: I believe that the most important thing I have understood during these certifications is the added value of First Tech compared to its international competitors.

M & B: Tell us more!

J.M: In fact, the appropriation of the security system by the members of any company is fundamental to obtain an optimal result, because if it’s not, the processes are not respected. Then, being a Congolese and having a perfect understanding of congolese way of thinking is our greatest asset. The rest is pure technique, and cyber security goes well beyond the technique and acquisition of high-performance equipment.

M & B: A last word?

J.M: I urge companies to contact us to see how we can work with them. To conduct a vulnerability assessment and, if necessary, to design together a “step by step strategy” which will bring up a secured IT system and guarantee an efficient development of the company.

Tel : 243 82 65 10 686

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