Kilakitu  is  a  Congolese  company specializing in the management of life bases,  collective  catering  and  hotel industry.  Kilakitu’s  partnership  with Zambezi Site Services gives it 20 years of experience in these areas. Mining & Business met Jean-Sylvère Duga, managing director of the company.

Mining & Business: What services does your company offer?

Jean-Sylvère Duga: Our core business is the complete management of life bases or guesthouses with the provision of the following services: catering, cleaning, laundry, maintenance, care of green spaces, waste evacuation and waste management.

M&B: What is your market share in the DRC?

JSD: Après 2 années d’existence, Kilakitu a su sécuriser plusieurs contrats de petite et moyenne envergures, grignotant ainsi inexorablement des parts de marché, tout en découvrant et développant des nouvelles niches. Nous restons pour l’heure un acteur modeste du marché, mais en croissance constante.

M&B : Quel est l’avantage concurrentiel de votre société  par rapport à vos concurrents ?

JSD:  After 2 years of existence, Kilakitu has been able to secure several small and medium-scale contracts, improving inexorably our market share, while discovering and developing new niches. For the time being, we remain a modest but constantly growing player in the market.

M&B: What is your company’s competitive advantage over your competitors?

JSD:  We are flexible, our dynamic management approach allows us to constantly adapt to changing customer needs; our decision-making chain is short from our main centres in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi. We continually invest in training and capacity building of our teams in order to provide quality service on a permanent basis.

M&B: What are the main challenges facing the catering market in Greater Katanga today?

JSD:  The narrowness of the market with few major new mining projects. Innovation is needed to ensure its development and growth.

M&B: What are the main local products you buy?

JSD: As long as quality and price are in line with Kilakitu standards, we source locally. If this is not the case, we work with local importers in order to always guarantee the quality of the products and keep a competitive price for our customers. On a regular basis, locally purchased products are fresh fruit and vegetables. This helps Kilakitu to promote local farmers.

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