Editorial of Mining and Business Magazine N°19


Kitchen and outbuildings!
In this issue, the boss of the Congolese bosses does us the honour of playing the truth card.And, to illustrate the logic of Gécamines’modernisation plans, of which he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors for 8 years, he explains with a touch of humour that, unlike good soup, good mining is not made in old pans.
In short, Gécamines has not only not burned with its oven, but even seems to have a bright future. We’re looking forward to see what it holds for the Group!
Still, in the back kitchen, it looks more like Dallas (and its ruthless universe) than anything else. Although Mr Yuma is very confident about the benefits of the Code and the law on subcontracting, other mining operators are less

Media partner of KBM and DRC Mining Week, M&B closely followed the rather heated debates on the subject. A debrief will be
offered soon. Next big appointment, Sultani Makutano 4 will be held in September and, there again, M&B will be media partner. In line with this news, the 2018 theme is ‘Local Content’ and its challenges.
President Mahama of Ghana is the guest of honour. A first thematic analysis is proposed. To conclude, a feeling of auto-satisfaction for your magazine declared during the KBM ‘essential in DRC and the Copperbelt thanks to the quality of its contents and its analyses! ’. We take this opportunity to thank all our contributors and all the advertisers who accompany it.

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