Editorial of Mining and Business Magazine N°16


Despite the turbulence, well-being

Albert Yuma, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gécamines, reacted vigorously to the accusations made against the company in the recent Carter Center report.Not only did he refute the report’s main conclusions point by point, he also presented the findings of the audits on Gécamines’ partnerships and outlined a new strategy. GCM wants to regain control of its own destiny, acquire significant shares in its partnerships (minimum 49%) and become a major productive force in the mining sector instead of being reduced to a holding company. On the eve of the annual meeting of the mining sector’s jet set in Indaba, Gecamines seems to have awakened to some important facts and evolutions. It remains to be seen how the main investors and other players in the sector will react. To be followed…

In the meantime, we are opening our pages to another economic activity, less well known but nonetheless essential to the good functioning of the mining sector and many other activities: wellness services, which include basic life services, catering, maintenance of workplaces, etc…. This sector generates more than $70 million annually and contributes significantly to the economy. We are devoting a special dossier to this.

Thank you to all readers and advertisers for your loyalty to Mining & Business last year, and on behalf of the entire editorial staff, I wish you a very happy 2018. May your New Year be filled with more prosperity and happiness.

Georges Brasseur
News editor

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