Interview with Andreas Michelis from TS.CIS


Catering International & Services (CIS), founded and managed by Régis Arnoux since 1992, is a French company listed on the Paris stock exchange since 1998. CIS specialises in catering, hotel and onshore and offshore facilities management services for oil and mining companies operating in extreme environments.

Operating in 34 countries and 180 operational sites, CIS generates 100% of its turnover abroad. Its head office is based in Marseille, France. CIS is now the world’s third largest player in the management of life bases and employs 12,000 people worldwide. In September 2014, CIS acquired 70% of the capital of Top Service, a company specializing in basic life management in the Katanga region providing catering, accommodation and facility management services for mining companies. Mining & Business met with Country Manager Andreas Michelis.

M&B: Can you tell us about your company in a few words?

Andreas Michelis: CIS specialises in the management of life bases in extreme environments, onshore and offshore, for companies in the oil and gas, mining, engineering and construction industries, as well as in defence and international organisations. Around its core business, catering and hospitality, the Group has developed a complete range of services enabling it to offer its customers turnkey solutions.

CIS is established in the DRC through its subsidiary TS CIS, which has a perfect command of all operational aspects of the country.

M&B: What services does your company offer?

AM: In the field of catering, we take care of onshore and offshore life bases, corporate catering or event catering. As far as the hotel business is concerned, we take care of the reception of guests, laundry services, cleanliness of the premises and concierge services. We are also active in facility management, i. e. maintenance problems, water treatment, waste management, green space maintenance, pest treatment, fire safety and industrial cleaning. Finally, in the field of supply chain and engineering solutions, we are involved in engineering, design and construction, sourcing and logistics, but also in areas as diverse as ship handling, personnel transport, vehicle fleet management, access control, IT solutions and leisure and wellness.

M&B: What is the best your company has to offer compared to others working in this sector?

AM: Our strength lies in our contribution to the good safety and security performance of our customers. We deliver high standard services to improve the quality of life on the sites. Our teams are flexible and reliable. We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 international certifications. We put forward competitive solutions. Finally, we invest in the socio-economic development of the countries we operate in.

M&B: What are the local products you buy and use?

AM: 100% of dry, fresh and frozen products are purchased from local suppliers.

M&B: Thank you, Mr Michelis.

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