Picha Asbl, working on the development of Lubumbashi’s cultural industry

Remaining faithful to its vocation of developing new talent, the Picha association will organise the 5th edition of the Lubumbashi Contemporary Art Biennial in October. The DRC’s vast cultural and artistic heritage in the areas of cultural creation (visual arts, music, performing arts, crafts) is not only valuable, but also represents important opportunities for growth and job creation.

The BUMI Association, a stepping stone to a new life

Children in the street of Lubumbashi are innumerable: kicked out, accused of witchcraft, abandoned, orphans, children whom the parents have been convicted or died of Aids. Although it is difficult to obtain reliable statistics, we estimate more than 8 million orphans and vulnerable children in DRC (DHS, 2007-unicef), close to 10 thousand in Lubumbashi alone. For a few hundred of them, BUMI Association is a stepping stone towards a new life.